Sunday, 6 April 2008

The Munkea update

Earlier today I promised an update on the Munkeas.

Having finished Rilla, I wanted a smaller version, just like Monkee Maker, and desided that I needed to knit a "test" munkea.

Again I knitted the body/head in one piece, I hate sewing up. This is the front view before adding the muzzle.

Back view.

I then went looking for some wool for the extremities.

Whilst looking for the wool I found this

so I decided it should be sewn up, well it was all in pieces when I found it, but forgot to take a photo before I began sewing.

This is the finished item.

He has a rather spaced-out look in his face, perhaps he has eaten too much cheese?

Back to the knitting

I started on another hairy munkea and no, I hadn't finished the test munkea yet.

Here is MP 2 as a wip

but eventually I finished MP 1, the colours aren't good and his nose is a bit mis-shapen, perhaps he is a boxer?

MP 2 was also finished and turned out better than expected.

I found a different sort of pattern and just had to try it out

A calorie-free muffin

MP 2 wondered if it was for him as he had heard rumours that muffins are good for munkeas/monkees. I told him that it was meant for a pin-cushion! He did not like that, so kept a close eye on the muffin since.

Looking on the shelves in WHSmiths, I found a bookzine with cute animal patterns to knit, could I resist?? Nope! A visit to my favorite wool shop (in Liss, Hampshire) I had the wool and soon finished my project.

Another Sheep!

Then it was back to the munkeas. I wanted a really small munkea to take on holiday (more on that later) so here is another test munkea.

Meet TP 1. This time I had learnt from my mistakes and used a suitable colour. His ears are rather large and I made a mistake on the arms, but a munkea he is.

A family photo.

Here they are all together (yes, I know, Shaun is missing, he would not fit in the picture).

On the holiday theme, this is what we are looking forward to:


Jeannie said...

You've been busy knitting - you've gone monkee mad!

Totty Teabag said...

I think you should give MP1 red eyes and call him Albi. TP1 has magnificent lugholes and bears a passing resemblance to HRH. How about knitting a female and letting them breed?