Saturday, 26 April 2008

Day 14 Thursday 24th

Last full day and time for more swimming

Seaworld opened a new swimming park last month so we thought we should try it out.
What had really surprised me was, that you are allowed to take photos in the swimming parks. I don’t think that would be allowed in the UK. As I have recently bought an underwater housing for my camera, it was time to try it out.

First we tried Roa’s Rapids

Quite nice, infact the best thing there

Camera found this under water

The boys tried a slide, but found the queues were just too long to be bothered with any more slides.

Then we tried the inner tube river, far, far too short, but had a few good features

Including torture spots

Next the wave pool. I did not like this as all it did was make very choppy water. The one at Typhoon Lagoon which makes a very large wave every 90 seconds is far better

There was a bit of fooling around here

Some of the playground features looked good

I am just glad I was not standing under that bucket

Outside the park was this tree

With a strange fruit, about 6”, does anyone know what it is?

Update: thanks to Bronwyn in Australia I now know that it is a Screw Palm/Pine and that the fruit is not edible

Afterwards we went to Disney Quest, again, outside in the car park SS2 spotted this tour bus. We discovered that they were playing tonight and tomorrow night and the boys could have got tickets for tomorrow, poor boys, they will be on a plane then, never mind, perhaps another time.

I am now off to finish packing, we have to check out by 11am (4pm UK time) and be at the airport by 2pm. We should be home by 8am tomorrow morning UK time. I will try to take a few photos of the hotel etc before we leave.

Day 13 Wednesday 23rd

No photos today, we just did shopping/sitting by the pool, work out for yourselves who did what.

Later Dragonslayer, SS2 and I went to Island of Adventure as I missed out when the boys went. Had a go on two roller coasters, the Hulk and Ice Dragon. I did manage to get what I really wanted there, a new Spongebob Hat. Got a couple of spare ones too, will try them out on Ebay as sooo many people have wanted mine.

Day 12 Tuesday 22nd

Disney’s Hollywood Studios was where we went today, again minus SS1.

We did not do many rides, there were just too many people there.

An unusual Disney symbol

Disaster Canyon

Then we went to see

Lights, Motors, Action!

Lots of tyre smoke


And cars

Then it was time for

Tower of Terror!

From the inside

Orlando discovered something new, again

frozen lemonade

Dragonslayer spoon-fed him

Very nice

But followed by more torture

All of us.

Day 11 Monday 21st

Busch Gardens in Tampa was our destination today

The Anheuser-Busch Logo, they own the park

Some more floral sculptures

Lots of animals too

More animals

And more

We went on the roller coasters here too, including the vertical roller coaster! I bought the photo of us and will show you when I get home and can scan it

A nice flower on a tree

Spot the Munkea

Can you see him now?

At lunchtime there was some Munkea torture taking place

Later Orlando found something to show me

Do they look similar?

They seemed friendly

Day 10 Sunday 20th

We went swimming at Typhoon Lagoon today, definitely the best swimming park here

SS1, 2 and 3 on the raft ride

Dragonslayer and SS1 on a slide

Day 9 Saturday 19th

Today we decided to leave the theme parks alone and see some of the real Florida.

We decided on an Airboat ride, south of Kissimee. It was not cheap, but well worth it.

Some birds and alligators

The real Florida

As we had had a large lunch at the lake, we decide to have snacks for dinner. Orlando quite liked the look of what we chose


They taste nice


That is nice too.

Day 8 Friday 17th

Today we went to Magic Kingdom. 3 years ago we found this the best park, this time we actually found it boring! So the only photo I took, was of a sky-writer over the car park.

Day 7 Thursday 17th

Today we went to Gatorland. It is an alligator farm, but with a large public side where they show alligators and other wildlife, mainly from Florida but also other related wildlife.

We started with the Gator Wrestling show

There are lots of birds to look at

And large colonies of local birds nesting in trees and bushes around the alligator lake

Gators and others.

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