Saturday, 26 April 2008

getting up to date

OK, I am now a long way behind with this blog. Not that I haven’t wanted to do it, but haven’t had time to go to the lobby to log on, and did not find any before we left the hotel, so this is posted from home. Yep, we are here again!

Day 6 Wednesday 16th

Today 4 of us (SS1 did not want to come, he wanted to sleep!) went back to Animal Kingdom to do the bits we missed on Sunday when it rained.

I am not sure who is the kid here

Are they even together?

Going in to see “It’s tough to be a bug”

Harambe Safari

In the evening we went to Wonderworks

Dragonslayer and SS2 enjoyed the flight simulator though they did not use it the way it was intended. They tried to get it to twist and turn as much as possible, I would not want to fly with them as pilots!

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