Monday, 14 April 2008

Holiday day 3

Sunday 13th, well not a lucky day.

We went to Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Again got there early and went to the newest ride, Expedition Everest. Got Fastpass for the ride and then went to Kali River Rapids, where we were amongst the very first in the queue waiting for it to open. When we went on this ride 3 years ago, SS3 and I got absolutely soaked, so we knew what to expect. We were not disappointed!

We all got soaked, me the most. We did ride 3 times without getting off.

What I have failed to tell you is that the day was overcast. We did not take any notice of this and expected the sun to break through. It didn’t!! Instead it was cold (for Florida) and windy and eventually it started to rain. We had had enough of being wet and cold, so left the park and returned to the hotel, my blisters were also being a real pain.

So we had some lunch in the rooms

Orlando discovered something nice to eat.

He was still soaking wet, he got so wet that water could be wrung from his arms and legs, poor munkea! He did wave to Baloo and meet a chimp, but no photos taken :o(

We decided to go to Downtown Disney and Disney Quest as that was indoors.

As we left the rooms, I spotted this on the wall

In Disney Quest the four boys tried this (Orlando had stayed behind to dry out)

Buzz Lightyear’s Astro Blaster

After a few hours we wanted some food, so went for a walk along the lakeside to see what we could find.

We found a Lego shop

They had lots of little (and large) displays

Cake with flies

Woman milking cows


Backyard scene

Nessie seems to have emigrated to Florida

Life size family with dogs

On the walls outside the shop were many little country scenes





New York

Far East somewhere, Hong Kong? Shanghai?

Then we took my very painful feet back to bed, no we did not have dinner. When asked no-one wanted any though we later learned that SS2 had gone to McDonalds (next to Hotel) later.

For those of you who have heard about the shooting and fight at Wet and Wild here in Orlando, this is less than a mile from our hotel. We drove past about 1 hour before the shooting took place, but heard absolutely nothing (SS2 says he heard lots of sirens when he went to McDs). We drove past again this morning and nothing to be seen.

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