Saturday, 23 August 2008

Away again

but not quite a holiday.
I am volunteering as a helper on a camp for disabled adult women. I did this last year too and it is great fun, even when the weather is rather wet and cold, like last year. At least the forecast this year doesn't look too bad, compared to what we have had recently.
There is usually some sort of crafting going on on camp, though what crafting we can come up with to the theme WATER I am not sure. This theme was decided in the spring when we believed the weather would be nice this summer! I did suggest "wool" as a theme!
If you want to see what sort of camp/place I am going to, you can look here
I will be back next Saturday lunchtime

Parcel from Oz

Just before I left for Yorkshire, my Postie knocked on the door with a parcel. He told me it had been at the sorting office for weeks and was just about to be returned to sender, which he could not understand as he knew we were at home. A card saying it was at the sorting office had apparently been left by a relief postie when he tried to deliver it. This relief postie refuses to use our postbox and just dumps the post on the floor in our porch. If it is windy from the"wrong" direction, the post can be found all over the lane!
This was the parcel he left. My "Russian Doll" swap from Claire

Inside I found this

These two were soon consumed by Ben, who said we have similar, but with a frog

Then there was these. I am looking forward to smelling them when the evenings draw in.

Claire also included something to light them with, far too nice to use!

And most of all, there was this wonderful mini quilt. I LOVE it Claire, have to find just the right place to hang it. I am thinking the lounge when we have managed to re-decorate it. Until then, the wall in my workroom.

Just look at the wonderful smile on her face and the lovely lace around her waist

and the beautiful stitching in the title and the... and the.... and the.... I could go on forever about this

Just look at the great fabric Claire has used on the back. And Claire used a hanging mathod I had not seen before, might use that in the future.

I am so pleased I signed up for this swap, I just hope my parcel finds it's destination. If it has not turned up when I return from "being away" (September 1st), I will make something new and send to Claire. I ill keep my fingers crossed.

Friday 15th Rievaulx Abbey