Sunday, 12 July 2009

My recent creations

Yes, I have been very quiet. As usual not because I have nothing to blog about, but because I never get around to actually doing it.

Today I thought I would show you what I have been up to this month, amongst other things.



Warthog Blue Marlin Brown Bear Mum and Cub Crabs Gnu Green Dragon Green Dragon 2 Hammerhead Shark Lion and Lioness Meercat and young Octopus Oryx Ring-tailed Lemur Ring-tailed Lemur 2 Ring-tailed Lemur 3 Ring-tailed Lemur 4 Ring-tailed Lemur 5 Seahorse Shrimps Shrimps 2 Spotted Eagle Ray Spotted Eagle Ray 2 Tern Tern 2 Tiger Shark

They are all made to sell at Christmas Fairs, hoping I find more than the one to attend this year.

They are always very popular with the children, even though they aren’t toys as they contain small and sharp parts.

I still have more to make, am planning to take beads etc with me on holiday, as well as my knitting.