Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Well that was the Easter weekend

and did we do anything? No, not really though I have just remembered what I wanted to do Sunday, ahh well, next Sunday will do.

Saturday I had to go and get another ball of wool and Dragonslayer decided he wanted to come with me, so I made him drive. Near Hobbycraft I spotted a Waterwheel, never noticed that before, so we went to investigate.

I have looked on the internet, but cannot find any pictures or description of what used to be here, it is in Havant, just next to the A27.

Next was a visit to Burger King, well it was lunchtime and very, very cold. So cold in fact, that I managed to catch a cold, which showed itself Sunday lunchtime and is the reason I am up this early today.

Visit to Hobbycraft successfully completed, and the Dragonslayers first visit to said shop. He commented on its size and the number of husbands trailing their wives with the shopping basket, wonder if they got husbands to pay for their goodies, perhaps I should have had a basket and let him carry it??

Sunday we had snow here

well, in the air, nothing on the ground.

Sunday also saw the arrival of this fellow

The first person he met was SS3, who must have thought the new arrival was cold, what with snow and him being from a warmer climate.

I must admit he took some persuasion to take the hat and scarf off

Meet Rilla, our new arrival.

Then came the introduction to the resident gang

They were all rather timid/frightened of this large stranger.

and tried to hide from him on the other side of the bed

until Titch decided that as most animals look after babies, he would risk a handshake

Then they all joined in. The fact that Rilla had brought supplies with him, might just have influences them a little bit

They were soon firm friends and having a feast

Let me introduce you to the "gang"

Schweetheart, the oldie here. A rather scruffy, dirty monkey with a thoughtful nature. Came from the West Country.

Squillie, came from Apenheul in Holland. In fact he is the second one of these we have had as the first ran away at McDonalds in Guildford. He is a very nosy character.

Munkea, another quiet character. I was told firmly how to spell his name by SS2 & SS3, I am not sure that is how I would have spelled it, but they insisted.

Titch, who normally travels everywhere with me, enjoying looking out of the car window. I have tried to get him off his dummy, but he clamps down hard on it, so I let him keep it.

He does have a twin brother, who lives in SS2's car, but he is very camera shy.

Friday, 21 March 2008

Update on Rip

Have spent most of the day knitting, my this Rip is compulsive, cannot wait to finish.
Here are a few more photos

Now I hate sewing up, so I adapted the pattern. At this point no sewing yet!

Still no sewing :o)

OK, one small bit of sewing to be done here

and another one here

These are being knitted on a circular pin, the only sewing will be to attatch them.

Well I guess you might have worked out what I am knitting, but............ what does the "R" stand for???

Just re-read what I posted and realised I hadn't used spellcheck, sorry. In the last paragraph it should of course have read fingers, not finger, hmmm, or should it????


What does that mean, I hear you say. Well that will all become clear shortly, for the moment all I will say is that it is "R's in progress".

I had hoped to take some photos yesterday at the sailing club where we were getting the boats ready for the season. I help out with Sailability sailing at our local (well 10 miles away) sailing club, Frensham Pond. A very rewarding pastime I feel, even if it makes you rather wet at times. Unfortunately we were far too busy for me to remember to get the camera/phone out.

Here at home my finger have been busy, here is a clue

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

What I have been up to recently

Well, I thought I would give this blog another chance. I have discovered (see previous post) that I can upload photos etc directly from my phone-camera, so will have a go at doing this when we are in Florida next month. I thought you might all want to see what we get up to ;o)

A couple of weeks ago Totty mentioned knitting socks and in reply to a question from me, said that she knitted socks two at a time, from the toe up and on one needle. She also sent a load of links for instruction.

This was like a red rag to a bull (well, I am a Taurean), and I promptly started to knit a pair of socks this way. Finished them last night :o))

The little "quacker" on the socks, well there is quite a story to how she came into existence.

Having reached the heel of my socks, I went to look at Totty's to see how she had done hers

I then looked at her little owls

and read the various comments left by others. This led me to this blog and these pigeons

This led me to this blog and some monkeys

and from there to this blog which also has a pattern for the duckling

That was Sunday evening. Monday morning I printed out the pattern, found needle and wool and took it to work with me. Spent time at work making Quackers (isn't it great having a job where you can do things like that), the residents all loved her and several want me to knit them one.

Quackers wanted to come with me when we went out for dinner with FiL and his "girlfriend". I think she regretted it in the end though she liked it to begin with.

She started with a pint of Cider
Then filled up on the garlic bread. She did not fancy the main course, pork loin,
but the pudding seemed more interesting, apple and mixed berry crumble with ice cream. Unfortunately the owner of the pudding did not quite agree with her.
So having finished the socks, a new project is under construction, watch this space, LOL

Sunday, 9 March 2008