Monday, 14 April 2008

Holiday day 2

Saturday we started attacking the theme parks.

A hearty breakfast was needed to build up stamina

Then it was off to Disney’s Epcot.

We got there early and was amongst the first in the line/queue for Soarin’

Yes, a good ride, but not one we would stand in long queues for.

Then we tried

Living with the Land, the end of the ride was really interesting, going through several greenhouses showing alternative methods of cultivation and some weird produce.

After this I forgot to take photos of the rides!

We went on Mission Space and Test track

At the exit there is a display of cars by GM (sponsors of the ride).

SS2 found a car he really liked, though he would have preferred a bigger model!

Lunchtime and we went off to Morocco.

On the way we passed these plant/flower sculptures

Peter Pan

Captain Hook

The Crocodile (does he have a name?)

They are part of the Epcot spring flower festival.

After lunch (meatballs in tomato sauce with yellow rice x 4 and lamb with couscous and salad x1) we took the boat back across the lake (I had developed blisters under both feet!)

Orlando enjoyed his boat ride but was a bit over-confident in his balancing ability

Luckily he was wearing a safety strap!

He enjoyed the view of Mexico

We found another sculpture


Here we are, including dangling munkea

After the ride in Spaceship Earth (the big sphere), you could send email with silly picture made from photos taken on the ride (me & SS3)

More sculptures by the entrance




And another of all of us.

Dinner was at a local Pizza place,

Orlando liked the look of the ranch salad with cheesy garlic bread

He also had a drink, non-alcoholic of course, you have to be 21 in Florida to drink alcohol.

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