Friday, 3 October 2008

Mum and some of her presents

Now, what do you give a 90 year old, who has a small flat full of the content of at least 4 households and who never throws anything out?
I could not think of anything, until I started knitting a test piece with Noro Blossom. It then occurred to me, that last I was home, I noticed that the cosmetic pouch Mum was using for her knitting/crochet accessories was falling apart. There was my answer; make one with this skein of Blossom.

I lined it with a nice "froggy" fabric from the US

Put two zip pockets in one side along with some small pockets

A bigger pocket and more little ones on the other side

Here is Mum, having just unwrapped the purse(?), but Mum being Mum, she is busy carefully folding the wrapping paper, just in case. I do wonder how much I am going to find when the day comes and I have to clear her flat.

I have really no idea if she liked the purse, she never said! She did however, like the hat I had knitted her (can't find the photo). Giving her a card was a waste of time. She opens the envie, looks at the card, reads the inside, and returns the card to the envie, where it will stay forever! At least I didn't spend ages making the card, but bought it in a shop.

I will put other photo's from Denmark in a few other posts


Totty Teabag said...

Well I like your pouch, even if your Mum was non-committal! That reminds me that I need to restitch the side seam of my little knitting bits pouch. Last time I picked it up a cable needle fell out of the hole and rolled under the sofa...

Jeannie said...

I like the bag too - I especially like all the pockets inside - very usefull.

Christine said...

Hvor er det bare en fin lille taske! Jeg er også vild med den. Og med alle lommerne indeni!
Også meget flotte billeder fra Skagen og Vestkysten. (Den slags fine natur ses jo ikke så tit i København...)