Friday, 3 October 2008

A look around

Friday, Mum and I went for a drive.
First we went to my Dad's grave with some flowers.
Mum thought he would be wondering why he was getting flowers this time of year. Normally she only puts something on around 1st December, a winter decoration which lasts until after Christmas.
I think she has forgotten that I normally put something on when I am there. She is excused, as she cannot easily get there herself.
Looks quite nice like this, doesn't it?

This fellow appeared to be on guard duty

After the churchyard, we went to the Patchwork Shop, more on that in another post.

Driving back into town, I spotted something on the skyline over the harbour that I did not recognise, so we went to investigate.

This was what it turned out to be

Further investigation around the (very empty) harbour, found this

It seems that the harbour is now

known for scrap, rather than fishing

These were the only fishing boats we could see, apart from 2 rusting hulks waiting to be cut up for scrap.

We also found this

Which really had me puzzled for a while

The telly is still there on it's wall bracket

furniture is still in place on the bridge

What happened here??

but then I looked at the front end

And realised that is where the two sections had been cut from.

I still wonder what happened to the ship, as it seemed to have been abandoned rather suddenly, judging by the "stuff" left lying around in the rooms.

By now, we could hear the coffee pot and the lovely cake we had bought earlier calling for us, so home we went

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