Tuesday, 21 October 2008

An award and a parcel

Saturday was an eventful day.
I received an award from Totty and the Monkee shop opened.
I am still concidering who to pass the award on to, so more about that at a later date.
In the Monkee shop, I managed to secure a pouch.
A parcel arrived this morning.
This is what was in it
Can you see who it was from?

This is what I bought from Monkee Maker

See, original Monkee Maker item

With monkee of course

But see what was hiding inside!

A lovely cupcake.

Somebody spotted the envie this morning, but more on that story another day, I am off to continue my deliberations about the award.


monkee maker said...

Hi Eve,

Many congrats on the award, and many thanks for visiting my monkee shop before it all went pear-shaped! I'm glad to hear that the pouch is big enough to hold your knitting.

I've just been having a play with the spud "you" - funny that your eyes follow the cursor around .... I just tried to make you go cross-eyed. Sorry.


ps. I'm afraid I have no clue how to link in comments .... the Vicious Chicken tried to teach me once but it was all too complicated for me.

Norwayscrapper said...

Eve check my blog i've tagged you.