Sunday, 1 June 2008

Parcel in the post

I received my monkey swap parcel from on Thursday morning, just before leaving. Though I didn't have time to blog about it then, I did have a camera in my pocket, well my mobile.

Lovely looking parcel eh?

Look what was inside

Someone peeked out

didn't go far from the sweeties

In fact was rather possessive about them

She did tell me that her name had been misheard before she "jumped" over the pond. She is Margot not Merlo, though they do sound quite similar.

Thank you so much for the lovely monkey.


Stine said...

I'm glad "Margot" arrived ok. I hope she shared the sweeties with you. I hope she settles in with your monkey troup.

Monkimom said...

Margot really shines in her first photo shoot at her new home. She does look quite lovely. Toots sends her regards, she is enjoying her new friends and family in Virginia. But she still misses a bit her little sibblings.

Kitty said...

Awww, cute monkey. Stine, if you're reading this - I haven't forgotten, I'm just really, really, really busy! x