Sunday, 1 June 2008

Munkeas goes camping

and do not seem to like it.
They tried their best to escape

and nearly made it

if only he had not been so short sighted, he would have realised he was only 2" from the ground!


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

So funny!!!!

Paula's ponderings said...

well i was looking at the wrong blog...derrrrrrrr ill be checking this one out....nice one!

Scrappydog said...

Oh my gosh, this just cracks me up!!!

Katy said...

that's so funny!!!

can you emil me if you still want to go ahead with the russian doll swap, katyejones at hotmail dot com, I am assigning partners tonight!

Scrappydog said...

Just poppin in to say good morning Eve, afternoon for you of course, but all the same, Good Morning to ya!

brigitte said...

The monkees had a great time!