Sunday, 1 June 2008

More from Devon

Back home again, I can now upload some more photos

This is the sight that greeted us when we drove back from Honiton along some very, very minor roads

I cannot remember the last time I had to stop to let milk-heavy ladies cross the road. The cow nearest us and next to the string tied across the road was obviously a bit of a character. She lowered her head and lifted the string over her back. I think she had intended to go for a bit of a walk, unfortunately (for her) she could get no further than our car as there were parked cars next to us and I think we were a bit too scary.

This is the river Axe looking north from the bridge near Colyford. We have never seen so much water in the river before. Must have been from the rain the day before and overnight.

The river looking south towards the coast. We later heard that a couple of campers, out at sea from the river on their sea kayaks had trouble getting back up the river from the sea. They had to land along the coast and carry the cayaks across the seafront onto the river. The outgoing current was just too great to paddle against.

Saturday we went to have a look at Branscombe and what remained of the wreck of the Napoli. We last came down in February last year to see what impack the wreck had had on the coast line. Here are a few then and now photos



Now (in the distance on the water, the wreck, or what remains of her)

Then, the badly listing ship with the remaining containers

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