Friday, 25 September 2009

Where did time go?

Yesterday was meant to be a day with lots of photos of landscape to show, but plans easily gets changed when you are with my Mum. As soon as we got up, she told me that she was not going on any drive as she would be too tired. To say I was disappointed was an understatement! I had really looked forward to seeing areas that I hadn’t seen in years. I really should have known not to make any plans as any plans I have made the last few years when with Mum, have always been changed. Instead we went shopping, which is, of course, much less tiring than sitting in a car looking out the window!



In the afternoon, I went out on my own.


This is one of the two environmental protection ships recently stationed in the port where Mum lives (Frederikshavn). They are here because there are large numbers of vessels transferring cargo at sea in the bay north of here (between Frederikshavn and Skagen, the very northern tip of Denmark) and there is much fear that there will be an escape of oil during one of these transfers.




I drove south as I had to go to the very large hypermarket in Aalborg for my Mum.





I also had something else to do.





I had to deliver some English Bluebell bulbs from my garden to a fellow blogger Liselotte.





This is where time disappeared! I arrived at Liselotte’s to find her just like I had expected, in fact I think I can say we got on ‘like a house on fire’, we certainly did some talking. Suddenly, 3 hours had passed, and it was time for me to head to the shop and back to Mum. Thank you Liselotte (and Oline and Kenneth, not to forget Oscar) for a very enjoyable afternoon, hope you enjoyed it too and that we can do it again when I am back in the country next time.


Having done my shopping, I headed back north again.






Written 6:40am GMT+2 25/09/2009

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Liselotte said...

Some three hours... oh my, I had fun and you are right, we're good at talking :-)

Have fun at Fanø :-)