Thursday, 24 September 2009

Going to Denmark

Not the most interesting trip, but I thought I should show you the few photos I took on the way.

n97 018

The point in France nearest England, just outside Calais

n97 019

n97 020

The ferry was very empty

n97 021

Sailing into Calais

n97 022

Lots of campervans

n97 023

Windmills in Germany

n97 024

My overnight stop in Germany. Nice, but I wont use this site again. Very noisy all night due to proximity of motorway with lorries all night.

n97 027

Sunset in Germany, different windmills this time, very far from the first ones.

I am now in Denmark, but have yet to take a photo, but am sure I will today as we are going for a drive.


Written 24/09/2009, 7:43am GMT+1

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