Friday, 25 September 2009

A jumper for Mum

As a birthday present for my Mum, I have knitted her a jumper (Happy 91 Birthday for Sunday Mum!). Mum has quite severe Osteoporosis and therefore a very bent back. Clothes does not sit well on here, much to her annoyance. I have asked many a time why she doesn’t knit something that fits her, but have been told that that is not possible.


Well, I wanted to prove her wrong, so a few weeks ago I started a jumper for her. I had finished the sleeves and most of the body when I arrived here, just had the back above the armhole to complete as I needed to try it on her to see exactly what I needed to knit.


Yesterday morning, before going shopping, I finished the jumper off by sewing in the sleeves. I think I can honestly say, that is is the first time I have ever knitted anything for my Mum, she has always been the one knitting for me and mine.



Here is Mum in her new jumper, which fits!




All in all I am very pleased with this. It is knitted in Sirdar’s Nomad in shade Elk and I used less than 4 balls! so the whole garment weighs less than 200g! It is not the easiest yarn to knit with, but I think the result justifies it.


What do you think?


PS Mum still knits, mainly blanket squares for ‘Mother Theresa’, but also garments for herself!


christunte said...

Den er rigtig fin. Den ser dejlig blød og varm ud også. En rigtig dejlig trøje til vinter!

Colette Colman said...

Hi Eve

Well done to you - a great jumper.
I am sure that it will keep her warm as the weather gets colder.


Bettys blog said...

Hvor er den fin. Godt strikket, så den ikke stumper på ryggen.
Spændende blog, du har.

Totty Teabag said...

Nice work Eve... it isn't often that we can say we proved our mums wrong....LOL

Karen-Ditte said...

Dejligt at der bliver en tid - hvor man kan gøre gengæld og strikke tilbage:-)