Thursday, 23 April 2009

Returning with a garden walk

I know it is a very long time since I last posted anything here. There are many things I had thought to post about and many photo’s taken to post, but it never got that far.

One of the reasons was that I hate writing in Bloggers posting tool. I heard about Live writer, so this is also to test that out. From what I have heard, photo handling is easier with live writer, so this post is mainly photos.

I walked around the garden today, camera in hand, and took photos of what I found growing and of any interest. Hope you enjoy a window into my garden.

Bluebells 3


Bluebell white 2


Bluebells pink



Just look at these buds on the Chives, how long before they burst?

Chives 3



These are well past their best, but still nice to look at, with their nodding heads.



Weeds are allowed in my garden, well some are.


Welsh Poppy yellow

This poppy is known as Welsh Poppy in our village, I have forgotten why, and the old lady who originally told me the story, is long gone, ah well, it is nice. Anyone want some seeds?

Welsh Poppy Orange

This is the slightly more orange version.



The self-seeded alpine strawberries in the boxes on the wall are flowering too.

Strawberry 2 

Just look at the strawberry-to-be

Strawberry 2a



This clump of pink primroses are from a clump I received from my Mum many years ago. She had been given hers by an old lady we both knew.


Primula 2

So is this yellow Primula.



The Forget-me-not have self seeded. The neighbours, when we moved here 21years ago, had it all over their garden in the spring, along with tulips (she still does though they have moved twice since).

 Forget-me-not 3



On the subject of self seeded, this geranium has found it’s way into the flowerbox on the front of the porch. I will be evicted soon as I have bought a few plants I want in there instead.


Cowslips 2

The Cowslips are from seeds I have sown myself. There used to be a whole row of them along the outside of our front boundary.



Fern 2

I have always loved ferns, but until recently never had any luck growing them.

Fern 3

I just love the way the new leaves uncurl themselves.

Fern 4



On the south facing wall of the house we have this growing, known as the “triffid” in our house. You might know it as Kiwi. We get more fruit than we can eat from it and regularly give some of it away to avoid it going bad. The bird box is equipped with a camera and needs to be connected to the telly in my workroom, so that I can keep an eye on anything going on in there. So far I do not think there are any tenants, perhaps it went up too late.

Kiwi female flowerbuds 

To get fruit on the kiwi, you need both female and male plants. When the flowers are open, it is easy to see which is which as the female flowers have a small fruitlet at the base of the flower.

Kiwi male flowerbuds



When I returned to the house to transfer the photos, I spotted this poinsettia in the front window. My poinsettias seem to last for years and keep getting new leaves. These leaves do not stay green but turn red. How or why, I have no idea as I have always heard that it need darkness to turn red, but mine never moves from the windowsill, well, perhaps to the greenhouse in the summer to get a bit more light and enable us to open the windows fully.


It is time to publish this post. If it works, there will be more posts to update you all on what I have been up to so far this year.


Totty Teabag said...

Great photos, Eve. I do like a walk around other people's gardens...LOL...especially the ones that let a few weeds grow. Poinsettias grow out in the garden here. Is yours on a windowsill that gets artificial light at night, because it is the length of the day that affects the colouring..?

Eve said...

No, Totty, the poinsettia is hidden behind the curtain at night, on the window side of the curtain that is, and as we live on an unlit road, no streetlight either!
My neighbours plant, which is given the same treatment only grows green leaves. This is not the first plant I have had which has done that, so it isn't quite a fluke. Normally they die off when we are on holiday as no-one waters them then unless I remember to rig something up before we go.

Paula's ponderings said...

lovely garden and fab photos Eve!!! All your flowers are so prettttttyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!

Norwayscrapper said...

Elsker at se andres haver siden jeg kun har en altan med nogle få blomster hængende over kanten, kan godt huske dit Kiwi træ.En rigtig fin have du har der.

Jeannie said...

Great photos Eve - wish my garden was bigger like yours. Just used live writer to upload to my blog - so much quicker, thanks for the tip!

Totty Teabag said...

It goes dark very early and very quickly here, so maybe it's the lack of light that makes it change colour then?