Thursday, 23 April 2009

The Bloggers Picnic

Totty told me I must be the last person to blog about this. She may well be right.


This is what I went to, organised by Lucy Locket at Millets Farm near Oxford.

Unfortunately, my car had to go to the garage to have a new head-gasket fitted, so I had a courtesy car instead. Oh how I hated this car. It had absolutely no get-up-and-go and it was 1.5 hours drive each way including motorway driving. I will not tell you what make and model it was, just in case you have this car and love it. I just know I would never, ever own one myself.


For this picnic, you brought as many boxed Easter Eggs as you had children with you. Now I wasn’t bringing any children, so I felt I was getting off lightly. I had bought some liqueur (non-alcoholic) filled sugar eggs when I was in Denmark, so I made lots of little packets of eggs wrapped in cellophane. I had also bought several packets of little wooden Easter egg decorations, so tied one of these with a bit of knitting yarn or ribbon to each little parcel. These I handed to each of the children at the picnic. This photo of one parcel is courtesy of Jane


You also had to bring a little handmade Easter gift for another blogger. Here is my photo of what I made.

Easter Picnic gift

The photo taken by the recipient Mrs Locket herself, is much better than mine, she has the napkin the right way up!


and here is her photo of what was under the rabbits jumper.

Under the jumper

I had also made a little something for Lucy for arranging the picnic, again it is Lucy’s photo, I forgot to take one.

Gift for Lucy

The pincushion is inspired by Liselotte (blog is in Danish). I did (as usual) not follow her pattern, but made my own version, very like hers though. The napkins are part of the “stuff” I brought back from Mums. Both are vintage, I think the little one I used to wrap the pincushion in, is hand painted as there is a signature on the back, hidden at the base of the flowers. I love harebells, it is one of the flowers I really miss in this country.


The little rabbit is knitted from a pattern by Julie and much to my embarrassment when I minutes later discovered Julie was present, I asked a question of all (if they had seen a similar rabbit for sale in Tesco) when Lucy had unwrapped her present.  I received this


(photo from Jane as I forgot to take one) lovely little girl. A real Little Cotton Rabbit rabbit, made by the designer herself and much sweeter looking than mine.

It was sooo nice to meet all these people whose blogs I have been reading and some new ones too. I hope we do it again next year. Next time I will remember to bring some food, not just something to drink. We were really lucky with the weather, I even managed to get sunburned!

Thank you again Lucy for organising this.


christunte said...

Velkommen tilbage! Sikke mange fine påsketing, du har fået lavet. Imponerende!

Totty Teabag said...

I have enjoyed reading everyone's view of the picnic...I feel quite the Lurker...LOL

Kitty said...

It was so lovely to meet you Eve - I had seen your face in comments sections, but never 'found' your blog. I particularly loved the chicken you made for Locket - it had such a cheeky face. Thank you so much for the little eggs for the kids - my two both commented on how pretty the packages were.

Take care. :-) x

trashalou said...

Looks like she was right Eve! the childer and I had a great time and it was lovely to meet the bloggy gang. I remain in awe of your fabulous chair!