Thursday, 8 January 2009

Flying Spaghetti Monster

When I saw this here, I knew I had to knit one for Ben, who is rather "into" FSM.

He did however, have to wait until this week for the eyes to be added as they had to arrive from the US. Here he is in all his glory

I did knit Ben a hat with FSM for christmas

He did ask me to knit it for him, and as it has been going to school with him all this week, I think he liked it.

What do you think?


Christine said...

Jeg elsker den. Vildt flot!

Totty Teabag said...

I used to be on a Google FSM Group years ago. I wonder if it is still going? Love the big eyes.

Myrt said...

Hi Eve:
Well, that's my first time seeing an FSM - he could be a topic for conversation (lol)......they are cute and I can understand the younger ones liking them.
I love the hat you knit for Ben - great work, Eve.

Scrappydog said...

I love Spaghetti Monster!!! The hat you knitted is awesome!! Love the colors so much!