Thursday, 8 January 2009

Then and now

3rd January 1987 at Islington Registry Office

3rd January 2009 in Boston, Lincolnshire

I think I know which one of us has changed the most ;o)

I know my blogging has been very hit and miss recently, well more miss than hit, but I am hoping to do better this year; just don't hold your breath!

We had a very quiet Christmas here. Mike worked until 8pm on Christmas Day, so we did not really start Christmas until he had been collected and brought here.

Boxing day was spent quietly enjoying ourselves, both together and seperately in various parts of the house. Dave had talked about going for a walk, but that never happened.

Saturday, we all went to Southampton. Dave wanted to get some running gear; he has decided to take up running with the aim of joining in the local "Fun Run" next Boxing day. Hmmm, we will see. The boys and I don't believe he will go out more than a few times and so far he has been out once, for about 10 minutes! Ben and I wanted to go to Borders to get some new books, which we did. Ben has already read his, I have hidden mine away for another day (holiday). I also managed to get something to wear for New Years Eve and or BIL's Birthday party.

Nothing much happened then until New Years Eve. Dave and I went to the local pub/restaurant with my FIL and his "girlfriend" and her daughter and SIL, who also live in our village; their boys are friends with our boys and the "oldies" got to know each other through us. Pete went down the woods with the rest of the youngsters from the village. They had a generator, soundsystem (small) and a large bonfire for warmth and cooking. Ben was asleep when we went out and still asleep when we returned at 3am. Pete was home and in bed by then too. We had a really great evening and have allready decided that we will do the same next year (going to the pub Christmas and New years eve) as it made so very enjoyable and nothing much ever happens at home.

New years day was for sobering up and getting ready to go away.

Friday we drove up to Boston, about 160miles, taking just over 4 hours when towing a caravan! I did not have to drive as I had insured my car to enable Pete to drive too; I don't really want Dave to drive towing a caravan, I don't really like his driving at the best of times and I am sure he is more than happy with that!. Pete said he was happy to drive all the way, but when we got there, he did say that he did not like the last part (after Peterborough) as he did not like all the small roundabouts in my car. My car is higher of the ground than his and you have to be a lot slower on the roundabouts than in his car as it feels like the car is going to topple over otherwise.

Ben and Mike (he came up by train as he was working until 2pm) stayed in the guestroom in the complex where my MIL and her sister lives. (retirement flats with a warden). Pete, Dave and I stayed in the caravan on a lovely site a few miles outside town. Though our caravan is old and without most modern con's, we do have electricity and have a small oilfilled heater which was enough to take the chill of the air in the 'van. We also have very good sleeping bags, one of the benefits of having a son working in a camping shop ;o)

We had a lovely meal out friday night at a local pub with my MIL.

Saturday, after a bit of shoppping (needed a present for BIL) we sorted out MIL's laptop, then went to deliver our presents to BIL before returning to the caravan to get ready for the party. We had decided to get a taxi to the party to enable all of us to enjoy the evening.

Our boys with FIL
I think we all enjoyed the evening and after breakfast and a quick visit to MIL on Sunday morning we returned home again. We were lucky with the traffic and the journey time was just the same as the journey up.
Monday saw the return to "normal", whatever that might be


Jeannie said...

You both look so young, congratulations on your anniversary.

monkee maker said...

Awwww - belated congrats for your anniversary!

I can't believe how much knitting you've done - your needles have must have been flying! I particularly love your flowery hat - so pretty!