Sunday, 13 July 2008

I am still here

and I know I promised last week in a comment on some-one's blog, to show pictures of what I made on holiday

I saw the dodecahedron here and was intrigued. I had to make one too. Found there was a crochet version too, so ideal for the flight to Greece. I had some pure wool from Kauni which I bought in Denmark last I was there. It is a rather hard wool so I thought it would benefit from being felted. I stuffed the "ball" rather loosely and washed it at 40 degrees first, didn't really do anything so put it back in at 60 degrees. It came out lovely and soft, but has holes at most of the joints, needs a session with needle and thread, otherwise it turned out more like a berry than the spiky original.

The rest of what I did on holiday still needs to be finished off, how unusual for me, NOT!

I wil show you a few holiday photos in another post.

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Manoute said...

I like your bubbly version of the dodecadon. The colors are fab. I think I will do something felted with my ball of Kauni, but I need to decide what. I am knitting some lace and baby stuff at the moment.