Monday, 14 July 2008

Rain is expensive

if it happens when you are outside Waterstones bookshop!
I heard last Monday evening that there was a woolshop in Alton, so decided to go and have a look on my way home from "Knit and natter" Tuesday, a rather showery day.
Found this lovely wool, which is now on needles, more on that later.
Alton also have quite a few charity shops, so I had to have a look in the ones I found.
In the first one I found this:
In the second these destined to become wallets
and in another this, to replace the book I cannot find.
I turned for the carpark, but before I got there, the rain started, very heavy rain, so... what do you do...I looked left and what did I see.... Waterstones! Now I know they have comfy chairs to sit in and browse the books, so in I went. When I left 15-20 minutes later I was carrying these:

On a slightly different note, I found this amongst the stash of yarn I had in the loft, look at the date! There are some really nice patterns in there, even one or two I might attempt at a later date, though the yarns used are no longer available.


Totty Teabag said...

I've emailed you re. Tilda.

Michaela said...

This made me laugh so much! Blaming the rain indeed for your spending spree at Waterstones! What bargains in the charity shop too.

I am loving your dodecahedron in the last post - think yours is much nicer that the original one.

Jeannie said...

That WAS expensive rain and what a great collection of books - very inspiring. I'm intrigued how the ties become tell!