Saturday, 24 May 2008

I need to update

my blog more often.

Well at least that is what some (2, to be precise) of you think, and you may be right.

My excuse is that I have been very busy and have been away without proper Internet access.

After returning from holiday, it took some time to get everything back to normal, whatever that might be.

I found a message on our answerphone from the recruiting officer from Leonard Cheshire, my employer and where our oldest, Mike, (I am giving up on calling the boys SS* (silly son) and calling everyone by their names) had applied for a job as a carer. They wanted to check that the address he had supplied for his previous employer, McDonald's, was correct. This seemed rather odd as they told me before we went away that they had had the reference from them, but was waiting for the other reference. I even supplied them with name and address of someone else to replace that reference. Ah well, left hand and right hand syndrome I think. When I went to work on the Monday, I had a quick word with the head of home, who told me she had phoned McD on the Friday and sorted this out, now we were just waiting for this reference before he could start. I also spoke to the person in charge of accommodation as Mike would be moving there!! Yes!!!

Half past four the same afternoon, the phone rang. Head of home! Reference in and would Mike like to start Thursday (1st)! Yes, he would (I said), what time? 7am!!! I went ouch, I have to take him! Her answer was, well how about 2pm. Oh yes, much better. So 2pm Thursday and Friday, then whatever they wanted as he would move over the weekend. So guess what I was doing over the bank holiday weekend?? Yep, sorting him out and taking him shopping. We got him a small fridge with a separate freezer as they have a shared kitchen and food often disappears from there. He also got a small microwave and a small grill. We already had a spare kettle. Cooking sorted. Took a long time over food shopping as I was trying to explain easy, but healthy and filling food to him; he is not a great help in the kitchen, that is Pete.

It has been so nice and quiet here since Mike left and oddly tidy, I cannot imagine he really was the source of the mess, but .....

The following weekend I was away on a Beadworkers Guild weekend. Great fun, but sooo very hot. The heating in the hotel was on full and could not be turned down or off. Add to that that the temperature outside was in the 20's C and as it was an old building, the windows did not open very well...I am sure you can imagine it. Got home Sunday afternoon, Monday was my birthday and Tuesday morning I flew off to Denmark to see Mum.

Whilst there I saw this in a supermarket:

Are the monkeys taking over everywhere?? Does Monkee Maker know about this??

As this is getting rather long, I think I will split it in several posts.

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Scrappydog said...

Hope Mike enjoys his job Eve, good for him!! You have been busy haven't you? Its good read and catch up, so happy you updated. I enjoy reading with my morning coffee.