Saturday, 24 May 2008

Whilst I was in Denmark,

I went through some of Mum’s stash. I came home with a suitcase full of fabric, thread, odds and ends and 3 duvets (new ones, as you cannot get real summer ones here). Not a single item of clothing or of my “real” luggage in it, that was all in a small carry-on sized bag.
I had also found a fabric shop, which resulted in 2 visits there and quite a bit of new fabric in my stash. I took a few photos of the inside of the shop, a real Aladdin’s cave for fabric.

There is a website, but all in Danish.

I wish I could find one like that here; on the other hand I would run out of room and money if I did.

Whilst I was there I knitted this little fellow

Named August by my mother.

I started on this

And finished it when I got home.

Before I left for Denmark, I finished this

I had been asked to make up a pattern for one from a very old specimen owned by one of the knitters in my “knit & natter” group.

Having written the pattern, I sent it to Spain to Totty, for a test knit. You can see her finished result here.

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Scrappydog said...

Wow that fabric store is just chocked full. Our big fabric store is closing I just found out, very sad, its where I get my really good lace for layouts and cards. Bet you were in cloth heaven in that store.

Oh my gosh, August is more than adorable as is his cousin. I could have reached in and just grabbed him for a cuddle. Love your creatures Eve!! Hippy is a cutie too!!