Friday, 1 January 2010

The start of a new year

This year I am going to try to post every day.

With a new puppy in the house, I have decided that I will try to post a photo of him daily. It will give us a good record of his growth.

That is not to say that I wont post about other things too :o)

Here is todays photo of Dill


He had just found a very tasty clump of grass.


Totty Teabag said...

A good intention for the New Year, Eve. I look forward to seeing your pup grow, but be a love and change your settings so we can see your whole post in a reader, not just the first paragraph...

Eve said...

My settings are set like that as I was getting no comments as everybody was reading in reader and you cannot comment from there. I might reconsider if I keep this daily blogging up ;-)

Totty Teabag said...

I use Reader, but if I read something I want to comment on, I take the trouble to go to the Blog concerned. On the other hand, if I am only able to read a couple of sentences, I might not read anything to warrant a I know a lot of blogs that advertise use it as a ploy to get you to go to their site. One of the advantages Wordpress has over Blogger is that a comments button appears with the post in Reader.