Saturday, 23 August 2008

Away again

but not quite a holiday.
I am volunteering as a helper on a camp for disabled adult women. I did this last year too and it is great fun, even when the weather is rather wet and cold, like last year. At least the forecast this year doesn't look too bad, compared to what we have had recently.
There is usually some sort of crafting going on on camp, though what crafting we can come up with to the theme WATER I am not sure. This theme was decided in the spring when we believed the weather would be nice this summer! I did suggest "wool" as a theme!
If you want to see what sort of camp/place I am going to, you can look here
I will be back next Saturday lunchtime


Norwayscrapper said...

Have a good time at the camp Eve, i am sitting on a plane to New York when you are back, so tought i would leave you a comment on here.

monkee maker said...

Hi Eve,

Your holiday snaps are lovely .... especially those fish and chips - that batter looks delish!!

I hope you have a nice time on this adventure too, and the weather will be kind to you.

And I'm not surprised you're happy with your Russian Doll quilt, she's beautiful.