Wednesday, 19 March 2008

What I have been up to recently

Well, I thought I would give this blog another chance. I have discovered (see previous post) that I can upload photos etc directly from my phone-camera, so will have a go at doing this when we are in Florida next month. I thought you might all want to see what we get up to ;o)

A couple of weeks ago Totty mentioned knitting socks and in reply to a question from me, said that she knitted socks two at a time, from the toe up and on one needle. She also sent a load of links for instruction.

This was like a red rag to a bull (well, I am a Taurean), and I promptly started to knit a pair of socks this way. Finished them last night :o))

The little "quacker" on the socks, well there is quite a story to how she came into existence.

Having reached the heel of my socks, I went to look at Totty's to see how she had done hers

I then looked at her little owls

and read the various comments left by others. This led me to this blog and these pigeons

This led me to this blog and some monkeys

and from there to this blog which also has a pattern for the duckling

That was Sunday evening. Monday morning I printed out the pattern, found needle and wool and took it to work with me. Spent time at work making Quackers (isn't it great having a job where you can do things like that), the residents all loved her and several want me to knit them one.

Quackers wanted to come with me when we went out for dinner with FiL and his "girlfriend". I think she regretted it in the end though she liked it to begin with.

She started with a pint of Cider
Then filled up on the garlic bread. She did not fancy the main course, pork loin,
but the pudding seemed more interesting, apple and mixed berry crumble with ice cream. Unfortunately the owner of the pudding did not quite agree with her.
So having finished the socks, a new project is under construction, watch this space, LOL


Totty Teabag said...

Great re-start, Eve. Keep it coming please! How did I miss the announcement that you had started a blog last year anyway?...LOL

Frances said...

Love it Eve you have a great way of telling it all and I love the little duck very cute ..